Waari... a religious zeal

पाऊले चालती पंढरीची वाट

वीर जवाना संगे । हरिनाम रंगे ॥

तीर्थ विठ्ठल । क्षेत्र विठ्ठल ॥
जल विठ्ठल । निर्मल विठ्ठल ॥

विठोबाचा आग्रह।
स्वच्छतेचा निग्रह॥

लावूनिया कपाळी चंदन ।
पाळूया सुरक्षेचे बंधन ||

हिरवाईची सक्ती,
हीच विठू भक्ती

Highlights of IT Dindee Program

IT Dindee in 2018

This Year Sri Sant Dynaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi starts from Alandi for Pune on Saturday July 07, 2017 and from Pune to Saswad on Monday July 09, 2017.


IT Dindee in 2017

IT Dindee warkaries will walk from Alandi to Pune on Sunday June 18, 2017.

Tuesday, June  20, 2017 is the day Palakhi starts from Pune and reaches Saswad.

Registration for both days will open on April 17, 2017.

IT Dindee registration closes on June 11, 2017 for both Alandi-Pune and Pune-Saswad routes.

IT Dindee in 2016

IT Dindi was a memorable spiritual gathering of some 1200+ IT professionals and their friends & families from the various walks of the life.

In 2016, IT Dindi warkaris walked from Aland to Pune and also in this year, we had a group of 150+ prople walking between Pune and Saswad.

Warkaries also contributed for warkari bhojan seva, medicines and nirmal wari abhiyaan.

IT Dindee on July 10, 2015

Total of 700+ IT Dindee Warkaries walked between Alandi and Pune on Friday July 10, 2015. This was a record attendance.

Last year, group of more than 100 Warkaries from IT Dindee walked first time between Pune and Saswad.

In 2015, we distributed medicines and daily need items to more than 2000 Warkaries. We also donated for warkari bhojan to one of the Dindee. We donated atta chakki to one of the vruddhashram near Pune. Thirty bedsheets were donated to Bangalore based sanstha caring old age citizens. We are donating sums for drought relief fund and Nirmal Wari Abhiyan from 2015 donation collection. Detailed are provided on this site elsewhere.

Devotional March in 2014

Total of 375 IT Dindee Members walked between Alandi and Pune in June 2014. This year transport facility and coordination were the highlights. We distributed medicines and daily need items to more than 1500 Warkaries this year.

यावर्षी वारी भरपावसात!!!